Time to let go

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I built my house, stone by stone
I built that house, my home sweet home
all by myself, I figured it out,
needed no help, made me so proud
Now the roof is leaking, there’re cracks in the walls
The beams are creaking, I’m afraid they’ll fall
Through broken windows I can hear the wind blow
Just left with some shadows of good things I saw

I climbed that mountain, I carried that weight
I climbed the mountain, with my head up straight
Reaching the top, and the world at my feet
Sun coming up, what else did I need?
Now my legs are aching, rough roads ahead
my body is shaking, I’m lonely and sad
I’m angry frustrated, that I lost my way
I’m cursing the fate, it won’t go away

Time to let go, let it flow (2x)
Cause somewhere out there, there must be a friend
Somewhere out there, a helping hand,
time to let go