Open skies

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Just a grey day, people pass by
Watching their faces, blank look in their eyes
Running and pushing to get on that train
It’s all like clockwork, again and again
The morning papers spit out the news
Dreams broken, so many who lose

No dust, no sweat, no noisy machines
Just figures and phrases on colourful screens
Deals to be closed, goals to be met
No time to lose, no time to regret
No pity, no mercy, don’t show that you care
And maybe you’ll make it, some day, somewhere

Watching the crowd, on their way home
Messages flowing, they’re not alone
The tv set gives them, what they lack in life
Burn up the sadness, the emptiness inside
They follow the rules, don’t step out of line
Never ask questions, never ask why

The lights are dimmed, no sound in the air
The crowd is sleeping, are going nowhere
Mixed-up feelings, a mind full of doubt
Whether to give up, merge into that crowd
Or be a dreamer, a drifter for a while
Dreaming, dreaming of wide open skies (3x)